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Категория: Виды шмелей



Bombus keriensis Morawitz
keriensis Morawitz, 1887:199, examined
separandus Vogt, 1909:61, examined
kohli Vogt, 1909:61, examined, not of Cockerell, 1906:75 (= B. Morio (Swederus))
kozlovi Skorikov, 1910b:413, replacement name for kohli Vogt, 1909:61
tenellus Friese, 1913:86
[alagesianus (Skorikov, [1923]:152 [Lapidariobombus]) published without description]
alagesianus Reinig, 1930:89
pamirus (Skorikov, 1931:226 [Lapidariobombus]) not of Skorikov, 1931:232 [= B. Oberti Morawitz]
richardsi Reinig, 1935:341, not of Frison, 1930:6 (= B. Rufipes Lepeletier)
tibetensis Wang, 1982:439, replacement name for richardsi Reinig, 1935:341
trilineatus Wang, 1982:441, examined

TAXONOMIC STATUS: Several of these nominal taxa have been treated as separate species (e.g. Skorikov, 1931), although B. keriensis has also long been considered to be a broadly-distributed and variable species, including both Yellow-banded and white-banded individuals throughout much of its range (Reinig, 1935, 1939; Williams, 1991 [pdf]).

The taxon alagesianus is morphologically closely similar to B. keriensis. Evidence from comparisons of a few COI barcodes is inconclusive at present. Until more evidence to the contrary is available from more detailed studies of patterns of variation, I shall continue to treat them as parts of a species-complex.

DISTRIBUTION: Oriental, Palaearctic Regions.

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