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Категория: Виды шмелей



Bombus ardens Smith
ardens Smith, 1879:133, examined
andreae Friese, 1910:405, examined

DISTRIBUTION: Oriental, Japanese, Palaearctic Regions.


The bumblebee, Bombus ardens, is a valuable natural resource, and is most notably utilized for greenhouse pollination. In order to gain a greater understanding of the population genetic structure and the genetic diversity of this species, we sequenced a portion of the mitochondrial COI gene corresponding to the “DNA Barcode” region (658 bp) from 160 individuals collected over 15 Korean localities. Uncorrected pairwise distances among the eight haplotypes suggested low intraspecific genetic diversity, with a maximum sequence divergence of 0.3%. Such a low level of intraspecific genetic diversity was further reflected in local populations, particularly to islet populations, such as those of Youngheungdo, Jakyakdo, and Ulleugdo, which had zero genetic diversity. Geographically, one haplotype (BARBA01) was widespread and dominant, with a frequency of 90.6% (145 among 160 individuals). Other haplotypes were restricted to one to three localities and had low frequency. Overall, a very high rate of per generation female migration ratio (Nm = 4.6 to infinite) and a very low level of genetic fixation (FST = 0 to 0.099) were detected between pairs of localities, suggesting that the B. ardens populations on the Korean peninsula are panmictic, which is consistent with our understanding of their dispersal capability.

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