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Категория: Виды шмелей



Bombus asiaticus Morawitz
asiatica Morawitz in Fedtschenko, 1875:4, examined
longiceps Smith, 1878:8
Regeli Morawitz, 1880:337, examined
regelii Dalla Torre, 1896:544, unjustified emendation
[miniatocaudatus Vogt, 1909:50, infrasubspecific]
miniatocaudatus Vogt, 1911:61, examined, not of Vogt, 1909:56 (= B. Soroeensis (Fabricius))
heicens Wang, 1982:430, examined
huangcens Wang, 1982:430, examined
flavicollis Wang, 1985:163, examined
baichengensis Wang, 1985:164, examined

TAXONOMIC STATUS: Several of these nominal taxa have been treated as separate species.

B. heicens, B. huangcens, B. flavicollis, and B. baichengensis are morphologically closely similar to B. asiaticus and differ only in details of the colour pattern. In the case of the yellow unbanded colour form and the grey banded colour form in Kashmir, there is evidence of interbreeding, with many recombinant individuals (Williams, 1991 [pdf]).

Aside from differences in colour pattern, these taxa are similar in morphology with a range of variation (Williams, 1991 [pdf]). Until more evidence to the contrary is available from critical studies of patterns of variation, I shall treat them as parts of a single variable species.

DISTRIBUTION: Oriental, Palaearctic Regions.

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