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Bombus morio (Swederus)
morio (Swederus, 1787:283 [Apis]) examined
velutinus Illiger, 1806:175
violaceus Lepeletier, [1835]:473
carbonarius Handlirsch, 1888:241, not of Menge, 1856:27 [fossil]
Kohli Cockerell, 1906:75, replacement name for carbonarius Handlirsch, 1888:241

DISTRIBUTION: W Neotropical, E Neotropical Regions.

This species is considered abundant and widespread. Extent of occurrence is >20,000 km², thus, the probability of a single event threatening the whole population is very low. However, surveys should be carried out in the near future  to assess the population trends across its range. Even though there have been no recent population estimates, this species is widespread, with a large global range, and there is no evidence, or reports of species decline. Thus, we list this species as Least Concern at this time.

Species of widespread distribution in Tropical and Subtropical South America, in particular in Argentina and Brazil. Its southern limit is ca. 33° latitude South. It has been cited for the following countries (number of subcountry units between brackets): Brazil (13), Argentina (10), Bolivia (6), Colombia (1), Ecuador(2), Paraguay (9), Peru (3), Uruguay (1) and Venezuela (1) (Abrahamovich and Diaz 2002). However, it has been recorded only in one location in each of the two later countries (Abrahamovich and Díaz 2002, Abrahamovich et al. 2004). This species is more common in north Argentina and Brazil than in the remaining countries of occurrence (Rasmussen 2003).

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