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Отправил: Николай Шмелев


Bombus vosnesenskii Radoszkowski, 1862

Шмель Bombus vosnesenskii является важным опылителем урожая. Он собирает пыльцу и нектар с подсолнечника.

Although this western North American species has a modest range, it is often by far the most common bumble bee where it occurs, particularly in urban and agricultural settings (McFrederick and Lebuhn 2006, Rao and Stephen 2010). Like several others in its subgenus, this species seems to be increasing in at least some parts of its range (NatureServe 2014), and also expanding in range (Fraser et al. 2012). According to our analysis (Hatfield et al. 2014), this species has increased in relative abundance in recent years, and has not declined significantly in range or persistence. The average decline of 0% (based on relative abundance, persistence, and range) suggests that this species qualifies for the Least Concern Red List category. Based on the above calculations and trends, along with published reports of bumble bee decline and the assessors` best professional judgement, we recommend this species for the Least Concern Red List category at this time.

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