Категория: Виды шмелей
Отправил: Николай Шмелев


Bombus kashmirensis Friese
kashmirensis Friese, 1909[September, Tkalcu, 1974b]:673, examined
stramineus Friese, 1909[September, Tkalcu, 1974b]:673
tetrachromus Cockerell, 1909[November, Tkalcu, 1974b]:397, examined
pulcherrimus (Skorikov, 1914a:128 [Alpigenobombus])

TAXONOMIC STATUS: Several of these nominal taxa have been treated as separate species. However, aside from differences in colour pattern, they are closely similar in morphology with a range of variation (Williams, 1991 [pdf]:68). Until more evidence to the contrary is available from critical studies of patterns of variation, I shall treat them as parts of a single variable species.

NOMENCLATURE: Tkalcu (1974b) first regarded B. kashmirensis and B. stramineus as conspecific and, following the Principle of First Reviser (ICZN, 1999: Article 24), chose B. kashmirensis as the name for the species.

DISTRIBUTION: Oriental Region, Palaearctic border.

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