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Bombus neoboreus Sladen
strenuus Cresson, 1863:102, not of Harris, 1776:131 (= B. lapidarius (Linnaeus))
neoboreus Sladen, 1919:28
2 names

TAXONOMIC STATUS: Recent evidence from genes supports B. neoboreus and a currently unnamed cryptic species as separate species (Williams et al., 2015 [pdf]).

NOMENCLATURE: B. strenuus Cresson (1863) is a junior secondary homonym in Bombus of Apis strenuus Harris (1776), and therefore the name B. strenuus Cresson is invalid (ICZN, 1999: Article 57). For this species, the oldest available name is B. neoboreus, which becomes the valid name. The only publications using the name B. strenuus Cresson since 1950 of which I am aware are by Hurd (1979), Milliron (1973a) and Poole (1996), so this change of valid name is not a serious disruption of common usage.

DISTRIBUTION: Arctic, W Nearctic Regions.

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