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Отправил: Николай Шмелев


Bombus rohweri (Frison)
rohweri (Frison, 1925a:144 [Bremus]) examined

TAXONOMIC STATUS: B. funebris and B. rohweri have been regarded both as conspecific (Milliron, 1962) and as separate species (Frison, 1925a; Asperen de Boer, 1993a; G. Chavarría, pers. com.). They have been distinguished with reference to subtle morphological characters as well as to the consistently and strongly differing colour patterns. Both Asperen de Boer (1993a) and G. Chavarría (pers. com.) found that they co-occur at some localities without intermediate colour patterns. Further evidence is awaited.

DISTRIBUTION: W Neotropical Region.

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