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Bombus melanopoda Cockerell
melanopoda Cockerell, 1910a:416, examined

DISTRIBUTION: Sumatran Region.

IUCN CONSERVATION STATUS: Preliminary assessment as presumed EXTINCT (Williams & Osborne, 2009) because it is unrecorded (IUCN, 2001, 2008) since Cockerell (1910) from the specimen of probably 1878-1883. Like most other Sumatran bumble bees (with the notable exception of the extensively greyish-white queens of B. senex, see Sianturi et al., 1995), the holotype of B. melanopoda is almost entirely black. It is likely that females of this species would be particularly easily mistaken for black individuals of B. senex (although males of B. melanopoda might be paler, as for B. koreanus).

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