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Bombus terricola - Западный шмель yellow-banded bumblebee

Синонимы: Bombus occidentalis

Размер -

королева: длина тела 17-19 мм

мужчина: 13-17 мм

рабочий: 9-14 мм

Bombus terricola встречается в восточной Северной Америке, Bombus occidentalis встречается в западной Северной Америке

Yellow banded queens and workers are similar in appearance, with the queen being of a larger size (length to 0.8 inches versus 0.6). The front of the thorax, second and third abdominal segments are yellow, with some yellowish brown hairs on the fifth segment as well. Head, legs, and remainder of thorax and abdomen are primarily black, with the thorax and abdomen showing slight variation in some individuals. Males average 0.6 inches in length. Intermixed yellow and black hairs cover most of the head, except the front of the face, which is a solid pale yellow. The front of the thorax is pale yellow, while the rear two-thirds are black. Bright yellow hairs are found on the second and third abdominal segments, giving a double-banded appearance. The legs and remaining abdominal segments are black (Evans et al. 2008).

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