Категория: Виды шмелей
Отправил: Николай Шмелев


Bombus baeri Vachal
Baeri Vachal, 1904:10

DISTRIBUTION: W Neotropical Region, E Neotropical border.

While habitat conversion remains a continuing threat to this species, it appears to be widespread and reasonably abundant throughout its global range. However, there is very little information on current population trends or current distribution, but for now the assessor feels that this species is stable.

The type locality for this species is Lara, Argentina. It has been recorded from northwestern Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. It is present in high altitudes between 2,740 and 4,279 m asl. (Abrahamovich et al., 2002). In Argentina, it has been reported from Tucuman (Chaqiavil, Cumbré; El Infiernillo, Tucuman and Laguna Chalaqui) and La Rioja (Cerro Fancratina, Cueva del Medina). In Bolivia, it is known from La Paz (Cholquiri and Laguna de Titicaca) and Pañido (Illimani and Potosi). In Peru, it was reported from Arequipa (Arequipa), Cajamarca (Camacari), Cuzco (Pumamarca), Junín (La Merced) and Puno (Lago Titacaca and Puno) (Milliron 1973, Rasmussen 2003).

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