aerograf ( 12/20/2017 )

Bombus borealis - Северный золотой шмель (Северное сияние) Северо-восток Авалон, Ньюфаундленд/Лабрадор, Канада

Our analysis suggests that this eastern North American species has not experienced serious declines over the last decade (Hatfield et al. 2014). Specifically, the average decline of 7.11% (based on relative abundance, range, and persistence) suggests a Least Concern category for this species. This is consistent with findings from other studies in which significant declines in this species have not been found (e.g., Colla and Packer 2008, Colla et al. 2012). Based on the above calculations and trends, along with published reports of bumble bee decline and the assessors` best professional judgement, we recommend this species for the Least Concern Red List category at this time.

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