aerograf ( 07/02/2017 )

Bombus brachycephalus Handlirsch
brachycephalus Handlirsch, 1888:244
neotropicus (Frison, 1928:151 [Bremus]) examined
krusemani Asperen de Boer, 1990:1

TAXONOMIC STATUS: The description of B. krusemani shows that this nominal taxon, known from a single location, diverges slightly in colour pattern from the otherwise widespread, common and variable Central American species, B. brachycephalus. The information available at present for B. krusemani is consistent with the known range of variation within B. brachycephalus (e.g. Labougle, 1990). Until more evidence to the contrary is available from critical studies of patterns of variation, I shall treat them as parts of a single variable species.

DISTRIBUTION: S Nearctic, N Neotropical Regions.

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