aerograf ( 12/20/2017 )

Хупокрита Шмель - Bombus hypocrita Perez, 1905


hypocrita Pérez, 1905:30, examined
sapporoensis Cockerell, 1911:641, examined
15 names

TAXONOMIC STATUS: Tkalcu (1962) mapped the orange-tailed taxon ganjsuensis from North China as part of the species B. hypocrita, but COI barcodes (Williams et al., 2012 [pdf]) support the taxon ganjsuensis as part of the otherwise white-tailed species B. patagiatus (see notes on B. patagiatus).

MORPHOLOGY: photos of male genitalia.

DISTRIBUTION: Japanese, Palaearctic Regions. This species has shown dramatic declines in its former range and abundance in Japan since the introduction there of B. terrestris (Matsumura et al., 2004; Inoue et al., 2008).

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