aerograf ( 07/02/2017 )

Bombus pyrosoma Morawitz
pyrosoma Morawitz, 1890:349, examined
pyrrhosoma Dalla Torre, 1896:544, unjustified emendation
formosellus (Frison, 1934:163 [Bremus]) examined
wutaishanensis (Tkalcu, 1968a:39 [Pyrobombus]) examined

TAXONOMIC STATUS: B. pyrosoma has been considered conspecific with B. friseanus (Bischoff, 1936) and has been considered conspecific with B. formosellus, B. friseanus, and B. flavothoracicus (= B. miniatus) (Williams, 1991 [pdf]). From COI barcodes, these taxa appear to remain discrete and are likely to be separate species. More evidence is awaited.

DISTRIBUTION: Oriental Region, Palaearctic border.

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