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Bombus tricornis Radoszkowski tricornis Radoszkowski, 1888:319, examined 3 names

MORPHOLOGY: photos of male genitalia.

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic Region, Oriental border.

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Bombus remotus (Tkalcu) remotus (Tkalcu, 1968a:45 [Megabombus]) examined 1 name

DISTRIBUTION: Oriental Region.

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Bombus pseudobaicalensis Vogt Pseudobaicalensis Vogt, 1911:43,53 gilvus (Skorikov, 1926:117 [Agrobombus]) 3 names

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic, Japanese Regions.

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Bombus opulentus Smith opulentus Smith, 1861:153, examined 2 names

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic, Oriental Regions.

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Bombus opifex Smith opifex Smith, 1879:133, examined 2 names

DISTRIBUTION: W Neotropical, E Neotropical Regions.

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Bombus mexicanus Cresson mexicanus Cresson, 1878:187 3 names

DISTRIBUTION: S Nearctic, N Neotropical Regions, W Neotropical border.

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Bombus medius Cresson medius Cresson, 1863:97 1 name

TAXONOMIC STATUS: See comments on B.steindachneri.

DISTRIBUTION: S Nearctic, N Neotropical Regions.

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Bombus impetuosus Smith impetuosus Smith,

1871:249, examined Potanini Morawitz, 1890:350 yuennanensis Bischoff, 1936:14, examined combai Tkalcu, 1961b:357 9 names

TAXONOMIC STATUS: The white-banded B. potanini is morphologically closely similar to the yellow-banded B. impetuosus. Some individuals from Sichuan are intermediate in colour pattern in that they have the pale bands of the thorax and gastral tergum I white, and the pale band of tergum II yellow. There is considerable variation in the male gonostylus, but this variation appears to overlap between the the colour forms and I shall treat them as parts of a single variable species. S.-f. Wang and J. Yao (in litt.) also believe that the two taxa are conspecific. Evidence from comparisons of DNA sequences from five genes is consistent with the two taxa being conspecific (Cameron et al., 2007 [pdf]). Further evidence is awaited.

DISTRIBUTION: Oriental Region.

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Bombus imitator Pittioni imitator Pittioni,

1949:251, examined flavescens Pittioni,

1949:254, not of Smith,

1852a:45 (= B. flavescens Smith) 3 names

DISTRIBUTION: Oriental Region.

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Bombus honshuensis (Tkalcu) honshuensis

(Tkalcu, 1968a:47 [Megabombus]) 2 names

TAXONOMIC STATUS: B. honshuensis and B. schrencki have allopatric distributions in northern Japan (Sakagami & Ishikawa, 1969; Ito & Munakata, 1979: fig. 6; Ito, 1993), with B. honshuensis being possibly a peripheral population of B. schrencki. The two taxa are closely similar, although despite variation in morphology, apparently consistent differences have been described (Tkalcu, 1968a; Sakagami & Ishikawa, 1972).

DISTRIBUTION: Japanese Region.

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Bombus hedini Bischoff unicolor Friese,

1905:514 examined not of Kriechbaumer,

1870:159 (= B. maxillosus Klug) hedini Bischoff, 1936:15 2 names

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic, Oriental Regions.

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Bombus exil (Skorikov) exiln. nov.

(Skorikov, [1923]:150 [Mucidobombus]) [not a replacement name]

[exul (Skorikov, 1931:216 [Mucidobombus]) incorrect subsequent spelling]

exil (Milliron, 1961:56 [Megabombus]) justified emendation [exilis Richards,

1968:254, incorrect subsequent spelling] exul (Tkalcu, 1974a:42 [Megabombus])

unjustified emendation 5 names

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic Region, Arctic border.

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Bombus diligens Smith diligens Smith,

1861:154, examined dolichocephalus Handlirsch,

1888:244 2 names

DISTRIBUTION: S Nearctic Region.

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Bombus digressus (Milliron) digressus

(Milliron, 1962:730 [Megabombus])

examined 1 name

COMMENT: Until 1990 this species was known from very few specimens.

However, recent collections have shown it to have been overlooked.

DISTRIBUTION: S Nearctic, N Neotropical Regions.

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Bombus deuteronymus Schulz senilis Smith,

1879:131, examined, not of Fabricius,

1775:382 (= B. pascuorum (Scopoli)) deuteronymus Schulz,

1906:267, replacement name for senilis Smith,

1879:131 [superequester (Skorikov, 1914c:405 [Agrobombus]) infrasubspecific]

superequester (Skorikov, 1926:116 [Agrobombus]) bureschi Pittioni,

1939b:1, examined 13 names

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic, Japanese, Oriental Regions.

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