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aerograf ( 07/02/2017 )

Bombus rubriventris Lepeletier
rubriventris Lepeletier, [1835]:472, examined

aerograf ( 07/02/2017 )

Bombus brasiliensis Lepeletier brasiliensis Lepeletier,

[1835]:470, examined 3 names

DISTRIBUTION: E Neotropical Region.

aerograf ( 07/02/2017 )

Bombus melanurus Lepeletier
melanurus Lepeletier, [1835]:469, examined
Tschitscherini Radoszkowski, 1862:591
[lan-tschóuensis Vogt, 1909:53, infrasubspecific]
subdistinctus Richards, 1928a:333, examined
lantschouensis Tkalcu, 1961:360, examined, not of Vogt, 1908:101 (= B. patagiatus Nylander)
TAXONOMIC STATUS: The taxa melanurus, difficillimus, and tschitscherini have been treated both as conspecific and as separate species (Williams, 1991 [pdf]). Aside from differences in colour pattern, they are closely similar in morphology.
Nonetheless, B. melanurus can be differentiated by the morphology of the male genitalia (Williams, 1991 [pdf]). Evidence from comparisons of 16S gene sequences is consistent with B. melanurus and B. difficillimus being separate species (Cameron et al., 2007 [pdf]). A study of larger samples of COI barcodes (Williams et al., 2011 [pdf]) supports the interpretation that B. melanurus is a broadly distributed species that includes the taxon tschitscherini, while B. difficillimus is well supported as a separate species. It remains possible that the taxon tschitscherini might be considered a separate species, depending on which species concept is applied.
DISTRIBUTION: Oriental, Palaearctic Regions.

aerograf ( 07/02/2017 )

Bombus rufipes Lepeletier
rufipes Lepeletier, [1835]:473
richardsi (Frison, 1930:6 [Bremus])

DISTRIBUTION: Sumatran Region.