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Bombus portchinsky Radoszkowski
Portchinskij Radoszkowski, 1883:208
Porchinsky Radoszkowski, 1883:208[210]
Portchinsky Radoszkowski, 1883:209[211]
Portschinsky Radoszkowski, 1883:209[211], 210[212]

NOMENCLATURE: Radoszkowski (1883) published four different spellings of B. portchinsky, repeating this third form twice (page numbers 207 and 208 are repeated twice for different pages). Williams (1998) was the first author who cited all names (there are many incorrect subsequent spellings, e.g. Dalla Torre, 1896) and, following the Principle of First Reviser (ICZN, 1999: Article 24), chose B. portchinsky as the name for the species. This form is a simple noun in apposition and so retains the same ending whatever the gender of the generic name with which it is combined (ICZN, 1999: Article 31).

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic Region.

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Bombus tricornis Radoszkowski tricornis Radoszkowski, 1888:319, examined 3 names

MORPHOLOGY: photos of male genitalia.

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic Region, Oriental border.

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Bombus amurensis Radoszkowski
Amurensis Radoszkowski, 1862:590, examined
mongol Skorikov, 1912:607, examined
chaharensis Yasumatsu, 1940:94, type lost

This species has been much confused with B. fragrans (Williams et al., 2011 [pdf]).

Palaearctic Region, Oriental borders.

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Bombus wurflenii Radoszkowski
Wurflenii Radoszkowski , 1860:482, examined
[Wurfleini Radoszkowski, 1877b:191, incorrect subsequent spelling]
mastrucatus Gerstaecker, 1869:326, examined
alpigenus Morawitz, 1874:132

Palaearctic Region.

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Bombus ussurensis Radoszkowski
Ussurensis Radoszkowski, 1877b:196
[ussuriensis Morawitz, 1881:254, incorrect subsequent spelling]

DISTRIBUTION: Oriental, Japanese, Palaearctic Regions.

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Bombus vosnesenskii Radoszkowski, 1862

Шмель Bombus vosnesenskii является важным опылителем урожая. Он собирает пыльцу и нектар с подсолнечника.