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Категория: Виды шмелей



Bombus excellens Smith
excellens Smith, 1879:133, examined

DISTRIBUTION: W Neotropical Region.

Although this species is threatened by habitat conversion, it has a range that extends from Columbia to Peru. It appears to be naturally rare, but there are few data available on recent trends or population size. Because of the uncertainty of this species` status throughout its broad range, we list this species as Data Deficient. Historic, or current observations of this species would help inform its status and trends. We strongly recommend surveys for this species in historic localities and in suitable habitat throughout its range.

The type locality is in Venezuela (Milliron 1973). In Ecuador, it has been recorded from Limón (unknown locality). In Bolivia, it is known in Cauca (Popayan), La Paz (Yungas del Palmar and El Palmar) and Cochabamba. In Peru, it was reported in Piura (Tambo), Puno (Valle Chanchamayo), Pasco and Junin (Rasmussen 2003). In Venezuela, it is known from Falcon, Bolivar, La Vega, Merida (unknown locality), Distrito Federal (Pico de Naiguata and Uguas Negras). In Colombia, specimens have been recorded in Caqueta (La Cumbre), Cauca (Popayan and Tasse), Magdalena (Vista Nieve, San Lorenzo Montes and Santa Maria) (Milliron 1973a). Its altitudinal range extends from 900 to 3,500 m. asl. (Rasmussen 2003).

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