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Bombus impetuosus Smith impetuosus Smith,

1871:249, examined Potanini Morawitz, 1890:350 yuennanensis Bischoff, 1936:14, examined combai Tkalcu, 1961b:357 9 names

TAXONOMIC STATUS: The white-banded B. potanini is morphologically closely similar to the yellow-banded B. impetuosus. Some individuals from Sichuan are intermediate in colour pattern in that they have the pale bands of the thorax and gastral tergum I white, and the pale band of tergum II yellow. There is considerable variation in the male gonostylus, but this variation appears to overlap between the the colour forms and I shall treat them as parts of a single variable species. S.-f. Wang and J. Yao (in litt.) also believe that the two taxa are conspecific. Evidence from comparisons of DNA sequences from five genes is consistent with the two taxa being conspecific (Cameron et al., 2007 [pdf]). Further evidence is awaited.

DISTRIBUTION: Oriental Region.

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